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What Is The Value Of Using A Mortgage Calculator?

What is the purpose in pulling out a mortgage calculator to figure out something? Aren’t those just tools for the overly nerdy? Actually, the answer to that is no. In fact, a mortgage calculator may be one of the most powerful free tools that a person can use in their financial life.

The Most Expensive Purchase

Although many of us like to splurge from time to time on a purchase that we really probably shouldn’t, the fact remains that our house is something that we will inevitably spend the most money on. It is the single most expensive purchase that the vast majority of the public will ever make. As such, it deserves very careful attention and dedication to detail. The type of person who has a happy and healthy financial life is also the type of person who pays attention to how they are spending their money.

The Value A Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator at has the function of showing a home buyer (or refinance prospect) what the payments may look like under a variety of potential mortgage conditions. It helps to estimate the size of payments that a person may have to make on their mortgage.

The value of a mortgage calculator is in its ability to help someone plan out their future a little more accurately. Planning ahead is always a virtue, but it is a particularly prudent thing to do when someone is trying to purchase a home.

Plugging In Variables

No one can know with absolute certainty what mortgage rates will look like in the future. A mortgage calculator will bring you no closer to knowing what rates are going to be in the future. However, it will help you to plan on how much you will need to save under a variety of conditions. It will show you that you are either saving enough, or perhaps that you need to kick things up a few notches. Either way, at least you will know what is going on.

There are some variables to consider when using a mortgage calculator. These are the factors that you will either need to outright know, or at least have some reasonable estimation of. A few of these factors are as follows:

  • Term Of The Mortgage
  • Estimated Interest Rate
  • Down Payment Amount

With just these three variables plugged in, the mortgage calculator can churn out a number that will give you a ballpark idea of how much your mortgage will be.
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Is It Time To Re-finance?

There is always a question in the minds of those who are contemplating re-financing their home. They want to know if now is the time to go through the trouble of doing so. It is a fair question. No one wants to slog through the re-financing process if they are not going to gain much from doing so financially.

The mortgage calculator helps in this realm as well. It shows what the payment will be if a person re-finances at a different rate. If that number is significantly lower, it may be time to consider re-financing.

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